The Boyz Sunwoo’s temporary suspension of activities, fans’ anger at the management company’s ‘bad’ artist

BOYZ fans are dissatisfied with the band’s agency, announcing the suspension of Sunwoo’s activities for health reasons. Fans of BOYZ love to see all the band’s performances. However, sometimes the band’s fans were not convinced of the band’s agency’s actions. Here is an article with Sunwoo’s blank space added.

Read more about BOYZ fans who were dissatisfied with the band’s management after Sunwoo’s hiatus.

Seonwoo to suspend activities indefinitely

The BOYZ band always has a hectic schedule to perform and promote their songs and albums. In fact, they recently released their seventh mini album BE AWARE to everyone. It was pretty much loved by the fans.

However, BOYZ’s agency, IST Entertainment, recently announced about one of the group’s members’ breaks, which certainly doesn’t suit the group’s fans. Seonwoo will be suspended from activities indefinitely for health reasons.

IST Entertainment announced about Sunwoo

On August 30, BOYZ’s agency, IST Entertainment, announced that Sunwoo would be suspended indefinitely due to health reasons. This is an article shared by IST Entertainment on SNS. It is reported that Sunwoo’s activities have been suspended due to health problems that have recently deteriorated.

The agency did not specifically disclose what kind of health problem Sunwoo is suffering from. Meanwhile, after IST Entertainment’s announcement, fans of the group The BOYZ have been pouring out comments about the agency’s behavior through Twitter.

Fans are dissatisfied with BOYZ’s agency

We are announcing the indefinite suspension of Sunwoo’s activities for health reasons. Fans of the boy group expressed their views on the group’s agency’s actions on Twitter. Some netizens responded that although the agency puts the artist’s health first, it does not always do that.

One of the users said that the agency should take a break with the group. So their health may be fine. Users are not satisfied with the way BOYZ’s agency manages its artists. Meanwhile, fans are worried about when Sunwoo will be able to return due to Sunwoo’s health problems.

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