The cast had so much fun making ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ that might do season two.

Disney’s plans for Marvel and Star Wars shows have always looked pretty weird. It’s not as traditional as you’d assume any successful show will have a season 2. Because it really depends on the overall orientation of the near universe. Some of the shows are turned into movies (WandaVision, Falcon, and Winter Soldier), some into a second season (Loki, What If…?) and some remain limbo indefinitely (Hawkeye, Moon Knight). ).

So will the slates from the upcoming Star Wars show. It looks like the Mandalorian will be around for a while, but Boba Fett’s book is unlikely to return. And now Obi-Wan Kenobi, which debuted this Friday and aired as a one-time miniseries, can grow back beyond the original.

One factor influencing that decision? The cast just… really enjoyed it and will make you want to do more. Here is Kathleen Kennedy Speak to EW:

“Mainly because everyone got together and had an amazing time,” Kennedy said. “Ewan had an amazing time. Hayden had an amazing time. So certainly everyone involved in that perspective will want to see this never end. But we really need to take the time to ask the following questions: We’ve decided to do more with the Obi-Wan character, and why do we really have to answer the question?”

And Ewan McGregor admitted that he wanted to go on.

“Shall we make another one?” Yes, I want to make another one.”

From a story standpoint, making this a reality can be difficult. As they said this estimated It serves as a bridge between McGregor’s version of Obi-Wan and A New Hope. Additional intricacies include next to Rebels like Obi-Wan finally kills Darth Maul again. Yes, technically it must be canonical. Obi-Wan has limitations that many other Star Wars series don’t have, given the timeline (Ahsoka happens in the longer interval between episodes 6 and 7).

We won’t really know if this is a good idea or not until we watch the whole show ourselves. And it will be six weeks from Friday, as it lacks season length and gluttony, just like the Disney way. More info coming this Friday when it all starts.

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