The celebrity ‘Wordle’ spin-off is here and it’s insanely good.

Creators of one of the fastest growing waddle Spinoff – Soccer Theme hey who are you– They know they are in a very clever concept. Instead of putting all their eggs in one basket, they are now diversifying the everyday experience into something completely more insidious and addicting, opening it up to one of the largest casual audiences in the world.

hey who are you, waddle Alternative is firmly focused on association football before delving into all the popular competitive pastimes around the world, and finally offers an alternative for those who aren’t crazy about the sport. celebrity version.

usually hey who are you It was a huge hit with a well-rounded five reference system. In the debut version, players are tasked with identifying a football star who plays on one of Europe’s major top flights by nationality, league, team, title and age.

After tweaking this simple but effective formula slightly, British co-creators and brothers Daniel and Michael Rose tweaked the game, allowing people to guess a celebrity in 8 attempts using 5 metrics. A celebrity’s “type” (eg, movie star, musician), gender, nationality, net worth, and age.

Getting famous is a pretty big demand, but hey who are you Get the correct answer in just a few tries. Unless you’re on Forbes’ list of (and some) top-earning celebrities, there’s a lot more room for error. Roses the player has entered two or more characters. For now, the list of celebrities also appears to be relatively limited.

As another bonus, you have the opportunity to receive a heavily blurred and repainted image of the celebrity in question. This is a useful crutch that gradually focuses on the celebrity of the day whenever your guess is unsuccessful. But it still has the potential to look like Marvel’s Yondu. avatar‘s Na’vi takes the first 3 or 4 attempts. Those who want a purer and harsher experience can choose to go completely without.

After years of working in similar industries, Roses was thrilled with the prospect of joining forces to create a project together. waddle Alternatives explode in popularity. hey who are you After getting more than 25 million page views in April, it gets over 1 million visits per day in May. A new audience continues to emerge. Last month, the game was streamed to 2 million Portuguese-speaking viewers. Popular Casual Twitch Streamer CasimitoPresenter at TNT Sports Brasil.

However, hey who are you They continue to specialize in sports and there seems to be something for everyone. Along with football, the site now offers guessing games for NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, PGA, F1 and international cricketers, but undoubtedly more will arrive in the future.


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