The coolest cyberpunk-inspired P2E games to watch in 2022

The cyberpunk game genre has been around for a while now, but thanks to Play to Earn (P2E), it’s given a new life.

Cyberpunk is best described as a sort of science fiction novel set in a dystopian future. Blade Runner, The Matrix, and Tron are great examples of cyberpunk movies, giving birth to video game genres that have proven immensely popular over the years. Deus Ex, System Shock, and more recently Ruiner are considered classic cyberpunk games.

Cyberpunk has evolved over the decades, giving birth to a new genre that you might call cyberpunk-inspired games, making it a bigger genre. Given their vast and loyal fanbase, the developers were convinced they could introduce a P2E element to allow players to take on this new challenge and earn real-life rewards.

This monetization in the form of cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is one of the most exciting trends we have seen in the gaming scene in a while. And with the introduction of P2E to cyberpunk games, the concept could really take off. Play to earn games include cryptocurrencies and NFTs as integral parts of the gameplay, so higher stakes add new levels of excitement and competition. These “income” can be used to purchase in-game items such as characters, weapons, and lands. You can also trade and sell assets to other players.

Many of the coolest games coming out this year combine two popular trends: cyberpunk-inspired games and monetization features. One such game is reign of terror, Solana’s unique cyberpunk peer-to-peer blockchain game developed by Red Door Digital that combines DeFi staking mechanics and NFTs into every aspect of the game, including agents performing missions in squads, Crafting (blueprints and crafting), Lands, and more. do. Players can also wage war in high-risk gameplay. NFTs can be stolen, ransomed, or burned. They can stake everything in the Horror Zone to engage in expanding strategic battles for awesome rewards, and by staking $ROT to form alliances with guilds to access end-game content.

another such game project hive, a third-person shooter where you play a survivor who is stranded on Hive, a destroyed mining facility on the planet Proxima. The game has 9 playable levels where you gradually discover the devastation effects of solar storms on your facilities. In-game items are any NFT that players can trade, buy and sell items without restrictions. Players earn HGT and SOL tokens for a variety of activities, including territorial wars, PvP duels and PVE chapters, and creating or joining clans.


Also, the list of cool new Cyperpunk P2E releases includes: neon globe, a role-playing game where your main task is to collect characters and special in-game items in a dystopian world. It provides a secure way to store and trade NFTs obtained using Matic and Ethereum blockchain technology.


As Web 3, dubbed the next phase of the internet evolves, these peer-to-peer games will only become more attractive as they allow for greater cross-chain NFT interoperability. A next-generation, blockchain-integrated internet with cryptocurrencies and NFTs built into the platform will see cyberpunk-inspired games really take off and usher in a new era in this beloved genre.

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