The couple Sabrina Carpenter and Dylan O’Brien dated in NYC was caught?

Sabrina Carpenter and Dylan O’Brien are reportedly dating after they were spotted dating in New York. Most would agree that everyone has been focusing on the celebrity after the New York City ‘unveiling’ that sparked fan reactions and speculation via social media. Sabrina Carpenter and Dylan O’Brien were reportedly arrested together in New York.

The picture shows Dylan O’Brien holding a phone and looking back at the camera, while Sabrina Carpenter’s head appears distorted from the snap. Dating rumors are heating up online, and many fans are curious about whether the celebrity is a real person. The speculation has sparked a huge online buzz and various TikTok videos where users start shipping Sabrina Carpenter and Dylan O’Brien as a couple. In any case, it has not been confirmed whether the two are actually a couple.

Sabrina surprised fans with the arrival of a 13-track album titled EmaiIs I Can’t Send on July 15 this year. The LP contains hit tracks such as Skinny Dipping, Vicious, Tornado Warnings, Read Your Mind, and Existing Over. Sabrina’s fifth studio album appeared on Island Records after she released four albums with Disney’s Hollywood Records. As for Dylan, he was cast late in Taylor Quick’s short film All Too Well alongside Annie entertainer Sadie Sink. The 31-year-old entertainer is most popular for his roles in the supernatural teen drama series Teen Wolf and Maze Runner series.

Sabrina Carpenter and Dylan O’Brien have been rumored to be dating after the NYC Snap.

Sabrina Carpenter and Dylan O’Brien are rumored to be dating after fans saw them kissing in New York. A 31-year-old celebrity and a 23-year-old vocalist/celebrity were mentioned in several eyewitness accounts sent by @DeuxMoi readers this weekend. One user said in sending a photo of W Broadway and Canal’s Dylan O’Brien and Sabrina Carpenter together. Another user said Sabrina Carpenter and Dylan O’Brien were dating in New York!!!! from Ataboy. Attaboy is a cocktail bar on New York City’s Lower East Side that’s relatively close to the rest of the fan base.

No other details about the couple are mentioned at this time. Sabrina visited New York this week for a Fashion Week event. Despite some rumors, Sabrina and O’Brien have not publicly confirmed or denied that they are romantically connected. Already, Sabrina Carpenter was linked with Disney star Joshua Bassett shortly after dating artist Olivia Rodrigo in 2020. Sabrina Carpenter’s relationship with Joshua Bassett has been criticized by fans online for Sabrina, who accused the artist of stealing Bassett from Rodrigo.

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