The Dragon Ball super anime will return in 2023, Twitter claims.

If you’re a Dragon Ball fan, then Dragon Ball Super Anime has you covered. Dragon Ball fans have been waiting for the anime for a long time. An official made it public. Well, if you want to have it quickly. Then here are all the updates. So, when can we expect the animation to arrive?

Read ahead to learn more about Dragon Ball Super Anime and other details.

dragon ball super anime release date

Dragon Ball was a popular and well-loved franchise. Well, it has been adapted in several forms. This time the hype is about the anime format. In fact, one of the insiders has revealed a lot about the Dragon Ball Super anime. If you are curious about the release date. Then come next year.

Yes, you can’t watch anime at any time this year. Because there are a lot of things to plan before the anime actually gets to the fans. Meanwhile, information on arrival was shared by DBSCchronicles.

What to expect from the Dragon Ball Super anime?

Insider DBSCchronicles mentioned in a tweet that a weekly episode of the anime is currently in production. Adding more details about this added that the series could take place after the Space Survival Arc. The details undoubtedly spark a lot of talk.

While everyone is trying to guess about the plot of the upcoming anime. There are still doubts as to whether Dragon Ball Super: Broly will get revenge for that story in the anime. However, nothing has been officially confirmed.

Fans React to Dragon Ball Super Anime Arrival

With hints of a possible Dragon Ball Super anime arrival. Dragon Ball fans really go crazy. Details of the arrival have not come out yet, but it is official. But anime fans are already looking forward to what kind of story the anime will cover.

Beyond that, the weekly episode production details have left anime fans wondering which platform they’ll arrive on. Until then we will have to wait for an official confirmation.

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