The intense drama defines the final day as Manchester City take the Premier League title.

This was the ninth time the Premier League title race had been held to the end of the season, and it was the ninth time that a top-ranking team had won. But if it sounds simple for Manchester City to win their eighth league, it is not. It was the last day of shredded nerves and high anxiety, despite the fact that Liverpool never really took the lead in their current situation. In the end, City’s three goals in the fifth minute of the second half changed everything.

The drama kicked off at Anfield two minutes later as Pedro Neto took advantage of Ibrahima Konaté’s mistake to lead the Wolves. It felt like an afternoon when the weather was rebellious. However, Liverpool soon equalized through Sadio Mane and scored the goal that thrilled Anfield. Matty Cash was heading Aston Villa from Etihad. Can Steven Gerrard, as manager of Aston Villa, finally win the Liverpool League title, which he avoided as a player?

When Philippe Coutinho added a second in 69 minutes, the possibility suddenly became very real. Liverpool seem to have been able to score in the 21st minute. Actually, I didn’t play well. Anxiety was suppressing the performance from the start. With Virgil van Dijk injured (which suggests he could qualify for next week’s Champions League final despite being on the bench), the back line was shaky and he wasn’t sure when he would make it up. But worse was the pass. Liverpool’s play had an insane quality, which was exacerbated by Thiago Alcantara’s injury loss at halftime. The shot was blocked and the through ball was misplaced.

And when the idea that Liverpool might not find a winner began to materialize, City’s comeback began. Having defended so decisively, Villa surrendered. This wasn’t the Agüero 2012 moment, but the bangs and bangs of two goals from İlkay Gündoğan and one from Rodri were dramatic enough.

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At Anfield, the mood dropped. Did Liverpool know that the title slipped out of reach? The reaction when Mohammed Salah stumbled his foot in the corner hinted otherwise, but fans knew and the celebration was muted. Andy Robertson won 3-1, but the goal Liverpool needed didn’t come against City.

So City have won their fourth league title in five years. Given just how strong this Liverpool is, that’s an incredible achievement. Of course, this is a success that builds on the incredible work of the City’s commercial team, which has made it the world’s richest club by revenue thanks to its spending in Abu Dhabi and several lucrative UAE-based sponsorship deals. However, many clubs previously had extreme resources and did not use them properly.

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No player has scored more goals than City this season, no player has conceded fewer goals and no player has won more matches this season. Judging by sheer football merits, no one can doubt that he is a worthy champion, as Liverpool were. In 2019, Liverpool failed to win the title only once, although the team scored more than 92 points that Liverpool accumulated this season. Even taking into account the in-game financial injustice, the standards that City and Liverpool reach are extraordinary.

The irony is that the prize Manchester City really want is to continue avoiding it, while Liverpool are longing for the Premier League. The only league success in the last 32 years came in 2020, when fans are still stuck. Stadium due to COVID-19. Neither will give up what they have, but I think they are both willing to trade if given the option. Liverpool will parade their Premier League trophy around Anfield and travel to Paris next Saturday for another rift with Real Madrid in the Champions League final.

Manchester City celebrate their Premier League title

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The thought of that match underpins everything Liverpool did on Sunday. At least until Liverpool had to introduce Salah in their game chase, team selection was careful and protected those with knocks. The good news is that he and Van Dyke should be fit next Saturday, but doubts remain about Fabinho and now Thiago.

It’s for next week. For now, the day was City’s. Some people are apathetic to the aesthetic of the way Pep Guardiola controls the game, but the effect is clear. The city is one of the greatest teams in English league history and their continued fighting against Liverpool only highlights their achievements.

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