The judge tentatively set the sentencing date for Ghislaine Maxwell while demanding a new trial after the jury spoke.

  • The judge set a sentencing date for Gislaine Maxwell at the end of June.
  • Maxwell was convicted on five counts in a sex trafficking case last month.
  • Her lawyer called for a new trial after two juries spoke with the jury about her sexual abuse.

A judge has set an interim sentencing date for Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite and longtime colleague of Jeffrey Epstein, who was convicted last month on charges of prostitution.

Judge Allison Nathan set the hearing for June 28, according to court documents obtained by an insider. Maxwell faces up to 65 years in prison.

Maxwell was found guilty of three counts of conspiracy, a separate charge of prostitution, and of transporting a minor to engage in unlawful sexual activity.

Maxwell’s lawyers have requested a new trial after two jurors said they shared their experiences of sexual abuse during the deliberation process.

Jury Scotty David said in an interview with The Independent that sharing his experiences helped other jurors believe the women who testified against Maxwell. David could face criminal charges for lying if he didn’t disclose the molestation on the jury questionnaire.

Legal experts told Insider’s Kelsey Vlamis that a retrial is likely given the jury’s comments and subsequent reactions from prosecutors and defense attorneys.

Prosecutors said Maxwell would drop two counts of perjury if Maxwell refused a new trial and the verdict was upheld. However, it is still unclear whether Maxwell will receive a new trial. The prosecutor and Maxwell’s lawyers are litigating the matter, and a judge will decide whether a new trial is necessary.

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