The KSI announcement gets more attention than the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury match.

Two content creators, Jake Paul and King Sejong Institute, are preparing their own fighting games, but fans seem to be more excited about the latter.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Jake Paul Fighting Tommy Fury

American YouTuber Jake Paul made frequent headlines for his pretentious lifestyle.

On June 23, The Influencer announced that he would fight pro boxer Tommy Fury at his pay-per-view event.

Still, social media seems to be buzzing with discussions about the upcoming bout.

Also, after the announcement, Paul denounced Fury several times on Twitter for being a MIA.

The two will face off on August 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York.

However, when Fury arrived at Heathrow on a plane bound for the United States, the fans’ excitement turned to despair.

He had to arrive in the US to speak at a pre-match press conference and to promote his upcoming fight with Paul.

The incident came days after Fury’s brother and world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury was barred from entering the United States.

Paul and Fury were scheduled to face off in December of last year. However, it was canceled after Fury was eliminated due to an injury.

Referring to the incident, the YouTuber said, ‘Tommy, no matter how hard you try to get out of this fight, I will do my best to get you out of this fight.’

King Sejong Institute’s announcement was highly received

King Sejong Institute, who turned from a YouTuber to a boxer, is expected to return to the fighting ring after about three years.

The rapper shared the announcement with fans via his Twitter account on July 1. A particular tweet received over 100,000 likes within 5 hours of posting.

The Paul vs Fury fight announcement, on the other hand, only garnered 20,000 likes.

King Sejong Institute said in a tweet that Paul wrote, ‘Obviously your card is submerged at this point. so ram [sic] I give you a lifeline.’

He also said, ‘If you really want to fight Tommy, fight on my card as a co-main event. We have prepared everything for you. It’s best to believe you owe me. The ball is on your court. #ItsAWinWin @tommytntfury.’

Paul did not openly reject King Sejong Institute’s proposal, but applauded.

He said, ‘It’s not on my level in boxing or the boxing industry. Out of respect for my clients, I’ll leave them to chirp like a canary. You & Fury both have big mouths and small sacks.’



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