The latest hybrid Casio Edifice watch is like a sports car on your wrist.

Casio has launched a new model in its hybrid Edifice line. ECB30P-1AVAnd in addition to a series of smart features, there’s a new look inspired by the sleek race car.

The ECB30P-1AV isn’t a “true” smartwatch, it’s an analog watch, but it still offers Bluetooth connectivity and offers several smart features. Your watch automatically updates in the time zone of your current location based on 300 locations around the world, and a timer notification on your watch pairs with your calendar to alert you to upcoming appointments. There is also a convenient phone finder function.

The stopwatch is accurate to 1/1000 of a second and the face contains two digital readouts. One is for the WM Bar for depth calculations (the watch is water resistant up to 100 meters/328 feet) and the other is for an alarm signal that can be programmed in the Casio Watches app. This watch has a two-year battery life, but unfortunately the other watches don’t have solar charging. building line.

It’s all housed in a sleek, sports car-inspired mechanical surface with a stainless steel case. The black polyurethane wrist strap also matches the look, as the deep vertical grooves reflect Formula 1 tires.

This watch is currently selling for $200 in the United States. Other watches in the Edifice line are available internationally, so there’s no reason why the ECB30P-1AV won’t launch in other countries soon.

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This watch is for those who want a nice looking, waterproof analog watch with smart features, but don’t want to buy a high-end dive watch at a full price.

But the Edifice line is full of these watches, and just because they look great doesn’t mean we haven’t seen them all before. To compete with smartwatches and fitness trackers in the sports space they play today, Casio must dig deeper into the hybrid between analog and connectivity while keeping watches affordable.

The Withings Scanwatch is a great example of a true hybrid between analog and smart technology. Give me a mix of smart analog features in the Edifice ECB30P-1AV case. Then you will think twice about choosing one.

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