The Miz says Jake Paul could be a WWE star like Logan Paul.

The Miz claimed in a recent interview that WWE is big enough to handle the Paul brothers, namely Logan Paul and Jake Paul.

Here’s everything you need to know.

The Miz Candid About Brother Paul

TMZ Sports recently caught up with pro wrestler Miz outside the Los Angeles airport earlier this week.

During an interview, The Miz was asked if he believed Logan Paul would get into trouble in WWE after his unexpected success in the promotion.

Additionally, the former WWE star said, “If he had the heart, dedication and spirit, Logan would do what he did to get to where he is.” Then [the] The sky is the limit.’

He went on to say, ‘Logan was the fastest person I ever trained to get it. he couldn’t believe it He could do many good things.’

Additionally, he praised Paul for his final battle with Roman Reigns in the third battle.

Afterwards, he said, ‘It’s amazing that he came into the WWE in such a short amount of time to learn what he’s learned.’

The Miz, whose real name is Michael Gregory Mizanin, added, “If Jake can do the same, they’d be a pretty good tag team.”

The 42-year-old champion then mentions that it will take time for the Paul brothers to develop their chemistry if they decide to compete against each other inside a WWE ring.

Meanwhile, Logan himself revealed in an interview with TMZ that he formed a tag team with his brother.

Jake Paul shares an update on his brother Logan Paul’s health.

Jake Paul gave an update on his brother Logan Paul’s injury status while sitting down with DAZN for an interview.

According to a 27-year-old content creator, ‘he [Logan] It’s doing better than expected. They thought it was ACL. However, MCL and Meniscus proved to be better. He’s in rehab in LA and wants the best man.’

For those who don’t know, the WWE Superstar suffered a serious injury when he went toe-to-toe with Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel.

According to reports, Logan may have been temporarily ruled out due to a torn ACL.

Despite being unable to take down Reigns, Maverick was praised by people all over the world for forcing his opponents to the limit.


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