The murder suspect in PNB Rock turned out to be Freddie Lee Tron.

Earlier this month, rapper PnB Rock’s murder “Freddie Lee Trone” finally arrested an LA teenager and his mother while their father was still in a rut. When the news of the rapper’s death spread, it shocked everyone. However, after the incident, the police are looking for a suspect in the murder. They are now in custody.

Read ahead to learn more about the murder of rapper PnB Rock where an LA teenager and his mother were caught.

Rapper PnB Rock’s infamous murder

We’ve seen too many attacks on rappers in the past. But what happened at PnB Rock was shocking. Earlier this month, PnB Rock was at Roscoe’s House of Chicken N Waffles with his girlfriend Stephanie Sibounheuang.

At the restaurant, PnB Rock was robbed and later attacked in a way that took his life. The rapper went to a restaurant for lunch with his girlfriend. But what happened at the restaurant was literally shocking to everyone. Please post which police have investigated the matter.

LA teenager and his father arrested for murder on PnB Rock

A few days after the infamous murders of PnB Rock. The Los Angeles Police Department arrested two suspects and his mother in a recent murder on Wednesday. Fathers of teenagers are still mostly. The suspect LA teenager was detained in Lawndale. While his mother Shauntel Tron arrested her in her Gardena.

Meanwhile, the teenage girl and his mother are in custody. Teenage Freddie Lee Tron’s father is typical. Los Angeles police have already released photos of Freddie. They warned that he could be armed and dangerous.

Learn more about the PnB Rock murder suspect

After the arrest of a teenager and his mother in the murder of PnB Rock, reports indicate that Freddie and his son were in the parking lot of a restaurant in Roscoe the day PnB Rock was murdered. They would have known about the rapper’s location from his Instagram post.

Now the police are looking for Freddie. Meanwhile, this sad event has certainly made every PnB Rock fan heartbroken. Not to be missed, besides Stephanie, they have two daughters, Xuri (2) and Milan Allen (8).

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