The NBA’s Youngboy and NoCap ‘dig’ each other.

The NBA’s Youngboy and NoCap sparked beef rumors after exchanging heated words with each other on Instagram.

Here’s everything you need to know.

NoCap and the NBA’s Youngboy War of Words

Most recently, Youngboy took the official account Never Broke Again label to share their frustrations with the label’s signers they no longer trust.

The rapper, whose real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, also wrote an explicit post about it.

Some of them asked questions about ‘real rappers’, saying ‘I care about the way you talk and how you speak’.

“We don’t do music,” he said. [f*ck with you.] Don’t tell these people about me. You are my father an artist. You fucking worker bitch, you’re not my brother.

However, fans quickly suspected that he seemed to be against NoCap. When the rapper from Alabama revealed why he hadn’t collaborated with Young Boy, fans came to a conclusion.

Then he told me to let me go up alone first because there was no need to say ‘I grew up using the tower’. We’ll do music later.’

NoCap responds to Youngboy’s post.

Following Youngboy’s remarks and fan speculation, NoCap addressed the rumours. He hinted in a now-deleted post that the Baton Rouge native likes to pick a different person each week.

He also called megastars ‘haters’. NoCap additionally responded that it was unaware of the debt.

Meanwhile, Nocap (real name Kobe Vidal Crawford) claimed that he was “afraid” that if Youngboy got back together, he would become more famous than himself.

He said, ‘The reason we don’t do music is I’ve been criticized for trying to keep your hate cards clean, but that’s not the case. We really don’t play music cus cus maybe [scared] I will grow bigger in some of the baby s**t.’

Young Boy and No-Cap Beef Get Hot

Youngboy couldn’t let matters go so easily. He thus countered NoCap’s accusations by saying that his problems had nothing to do with music.

Additionally, he has declared himself a better rapper than most rappers, including Jay-Z.

The post read, “Jay-Z can’t rap on me, mate, this ain’t music.” You are just a scary b*tch. I wanted revenge on label n***a. I’m holding out here You don’t even have 300k on the tax bill clown.’


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