The parents of an 18-year-old woman have asked the court to issue a protective order against Ezra Miller.

Ezra Miller makes headlines again. The actor has a bad influence on his 18-year-old daughter, according to his parents.

The parents are asking the matter to be taken to court to prevent Miller from contacting her daughter.

They argued that Miller was at risk for her daughter’s well-being.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Parents accuse Ezra Miller of being dangerous for their 18-year-old daughter.

Acquired legal documents TMZ The 12-year-old Tokata Iron Eyes wrote that she first met Ezra Miller in 2016 when she was 23. He is said to have visited the Standing Rock Reserve in North Dakota.

According to Tokata’s parents, Miller and their daughter began their friendship there, which they believe would be a danger to her.

The parents added that the Flash actor rode Tokata to London in 2017. During her travels, she was 14 and Miller was 25.

Toccata Iron Eyes
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They found the set of ‘Fantastic Beasts’. Toccata was a huge fan of the film and many know Miller as the lead role.

Tokata’s parents also claimed that as their friendship deepened, Miller began supplying alcohol, marijuana and LSD to their underage daughter.

It was also noted that Miller’s constant influence had disrupted Toccata’s school life. She was studying at a private academy in Massachusetts, but her actor was so influential that she dropped out in December 2021.

Ezra Miller influenced minor girls.

When Toccata’s parents visited her, they found bruises on Toccata’s body, which Miller claims was the cause.

They claimed that Toccata had flown to New York to reunite with Miller. Since then, the two have reportedly traveled to Vermont, Hawaii and Los Angeles.

Toccata’s parents announced that “Ezra uses violence, intimidation, threats of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions and drugs to dominate young Toccata.”

They added that Miller had decided Toccata to be ‘non-binary transgender’ when in the past he called himself ‘non-binary, queer, gay’.

Tokata herself admitted in a recent social media post that she is mentally stable. She described Miller as a ‘comrade’ and said he was a huge help in her life. She said she started seeing a therapist.

Her parents are asking the court to issue an order against Miller. A hearing is scheduled for next month.



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