The Phils roll after Quinn’s 99.9mph assist.

ATLANTA — Roman Quinn is one of the fastest players in baseball, so he won the game on Sunday.

He helped the Phillies win Monday night because he has one of the strongest arms in baseball.

The Phillies beat the Braves 7-3 at Truist Park. It’s their second win in a row considering the weekend headed to LA and the fact that the Braves have hit the Phils in Atlanta over the past four seasons.

Philadelphia has a 10-22 (.313) record at Truist Park since early 2018. The Phillies were swept out of a four-game series at the end of ’18 and dropped out of the postseason. They were swept away from a three-game series at the end of ’21, removing them from the postseason.

“We are trying to maintain the momentum of yesterday’s game,” Quinn said. “Keep playing this game for the next three games and take it to the Mets when we arrive.”

The Braves were ready to take the lead in the first inning with Marcell Ozuna hitting into right field with a second base runner and one out. William Contreras was three steps away from third base as Quinn defended the ball. When Quinn released the ball to throw it home, he was two-thirds behind.

“It was a great throw,” Phillies ace Zack Wheeler said. “It was a big deal for us.”

Quinn, who went on to win a streak from second base on an infield error in a 4-3 win over the Dodgers in 10 innings on Sunday, has the most powerful outfielder in baseball. According to Statcast, he has seven pitches tracked over 97 mph in his career. He started the season with his strongest throw at 98.3 mph.

“I think I’m getting a little stronger.” Quinn was joking.

This is the fastest outfield assist ever recorded by a Phillies since Statcast began measuring draws in 2015. This is the second fastest outfield assist this season. Cincinnati’s Aristides Aquino recorded an outfield assist at 101.6 mph.

“I made some pretty good jumps,” Quinn said. “I hit the ball neatly. I looked up and saw him running. There was momentum towards home plate. I just let them eat.”

It sent the Phillies to the top of the second inning with a scoreless tie instead of a run. Kyle Schwarber walks, JT Realmuto hits, Quinn walks to load the base with one out. Rhys Hoskins doubled to right field to eliminate a stolen base to make 3-0.

Realmuto scored three consecutive goals. Quinn scored twice more to the right center to make it 6-0.

It was a big hit for the three players who needed a break. Hoskins has been frustrated after a rough Sunday with Los Angeles. He took it out to the trash can in the dugout. Realmuto was so tough that they finished eighth on Saturday for the first time since 2016. Quinn batted 0.172 in the afternoon.

Director Joe Girardi said, “Sometimes I think of my former colleagues. “They talked about how they would sit in bed at night screaming and then lay back and go to bed. Beating is a nightmare. Really. Battle. Sometimes the fight goes well and sometimes it doesn’t. You don’t understand why because you feel the same way.

“You just have to keep grinding. That’s all you can do.”

Wheeler allowed two runs in 6 2/3 innings. He struck out 10.

Wheeler’s four-seam fastball averaged 96.3 mph, up 0.5 mph over the season average. He got 20 swings and misses. The right-handed pitcher is 3-0 in his last 5 games and has an ERA of 1.38 (5 ERAs in 32.2 innings), and has struck out 40 and walked 6 during that period.

“The games are fun.” Wheeler said. “If I get the cushion a little early, I can just go out and throw the pitch I’m trying to do. That’s what I’m doing today.”


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