The Secret Service has spent $1.75 million on Trump-owned properties, Watchdog said.

Government records obtained by the Watchdog group show that former President Donald Trump imposed at least $1.75 million on U.S. taxpayers so that Secret Service agents assigned to protect him could stay in a facility owned by a real estate company named after him. made it possible

According to Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington, because of Trump’s habit of staying at his hotel and visiting his property, the US Secret Service has set a minimum of $400,000 for Trump-branded hotels and $850,000 for various golf clubs, and Mar- An additional $300,000 from a-Lago, the Palm Beach mansion becomes the private club Trump has lived in since the end of his term.

The group obtained figures on Secret Service spending from President Trump’s estate through a Freedom of Information Act request.

In a blog post announcing spending figures, CREW said the Secret Service began using federal money on Trump’s real estate shortly after Trump became the Republican presidential nominee in 2016. The group said the actual amount spent on Trump’s real estate was $2 million, as at least some records appear to be incomplete.

“I used travel to put taxpayer money in my pockets through Secret Service protection,” Trump said.

It is not uncommon for the Secret Service to spend huge sums to protect presidential candidates, presidents, former presidents and their families. For example, recently released records show that the agency is spending about $360,000 per year on renting a home to be used as a command post by agents assigned to protect President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

Also, it is unprecedented for a candidate or public official to gain a financial advantage when a bodyguard agent needs a place to set up a shop on their property. Biden is said to have charged the agency to rent her villa on her own property previously used by her mother, who died during her vice president years.

According to Washington PostThe Secret Service paid Biden $2,200 a month for using the cabin as a command post between 2011 and 2017.

But the scale and scope of the protection operation, the tendency of Trump and his family to travel to real estate in the company’s portfolio, and the insistence on imposing such privileges on agents in charge of protection are unprecedented in modern times.

that much forcet also reported that Trump charged the agency $396.15 per night for a room in Mar-a-Lago, which became his former residence when he left the White House.

According to records released by the Secret Service, a total of $40,001.15 was added to the use of a single room as work space during the first three months of his presidency.

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