The Shanquella Robinson autopsy report revealed her cause of death.

A woman, Shanquella Robinson, mysteriously dies while a video of her being beaten goes viral on the internet. In the video, a young woman was caught and turned out to be dead, shocking everyone. However, Shanquella’s cause of death was said to be alcohol poisoning. But how did she actually die?

Read ahead to learn more about how Shanquella Robinson died and the video of her getting beaten up went viral.

Shanquella Robinson dies mysteriously.

On October 28, 2022, a young woman named Shanquella Robinson, 25, left for Cabo, Mexico with a friend. They had to celebrate her friend’s birthday at the destination they were leaving. However, news of Robinson’s death came soon after.

Robinson’s cause of death was cited as alcohol poisoning. But later, when Robinson’s parents contacted the FBI in North Carolina, an investigation was made. Robinson’s autopsy made it clear that it was not alcohol poisoning that took her life.

How Did Shanquella Robinson Die?

Shanquella Robinson’s friends who were with her when she died said it was because of her alcoholism. Robinson’s autopsy report said she suffered multiple spinal cord injuries and even had an atlas dislocation.

Meanwhile, there is a video that became a hot topic on the Internet to prove that the autopsy was true. Where you can see Shanquella Robinson and her friends in a fight. There, Shanquella was being beaten badly by her friend. Other people standing there filmed them. “At least fight back” can be heard in the video.

What is Atlas Dislocation?

According to many reports now available online, Robinson suffered a spinal cord injury and even a dislocated atlas. Some of you may not know what the term atlas dislocation is and how it can affect you.

According to VCA Animal Hospital, atlas dislocation is a condition in which excessive or unstable movement occurs in the upper two vertebrae of the neck. Don’t miss it. The first two bones in the neck are called the atlas and axis.

Atlas dislocation can be the result of an injury or even something genetic. This is the reason for Robinson’s death. It remains to be seen if the police will do anything about it. One of Robinson’s parents said Robinson’s friends should be in prison.

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