‘The Sims 4’ now allows players to choose their Sims pronouns.

“Sims 4” just got a new update adding customizable pronouns. Developer Maxis has taken the latest step towards inclusion so that more players can see themselves in Sims.

In “Create a Sim”, “The Sims 4’s” character creation tool, players can now choose from preset pronouns (she, he/he or them/them) or enter a custom pronoun for their sim. Given the complexity of English grammar, the last option requires a bit of extra work. Players who create custom pronouns must enter different forms: subjective, objective, possessive-dependent, possessive-independent, and recursive. Don’t worry if it sparked a long-forgotten school-age utilization class. The game includes example sentences for your reference. It is then automatically updated to use the correct pronouns where applicable.

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