The Talyn and Tish TikTok controversy has been explained as the birthday party went viral.

TikTok stars Talyn and Tish went viral on social media after a video of Tish’s happy birthday went viral. Since then, online users have claimed that Talyn attacked Tish after a party incident involving Tish. The two women later described what had happened on social media.

Both women showed off having a good time at Tish’s birthday party.

The two women were shown having a good time at Tish’s birthday party in a video that was recently deleted from a yacht party. In an enlarged version of the film, viewers could see Tish falling off the edge of the boat. Tish was rescued by the influencer’s friends when they saw Talyn pat Tish on the back.

What happened between Talyn and Tish shocked the internet.

What happened between Talyn and Tish shocked the online community. Reddit users flooded the site, accusing Talyn of sexually harassing him. Since then, both social media influencers have used their respective online platforms to respond to the accusations. Following the duo’s massive social media success, Tish used a TikTok account to respond to those who accused Talyn. “For Talyn, this wasn’t fair and I’m sorry for bringing it this far,” she said in the caption.

Talyn is clearly seeing Tish stumble.

“I was trying to understand everything I saw and it hit me in the face,” she continued. Talyn is clearly seeing me stumble. It was unfair to her that it was blown up as it is. I have to apologize the biggest for that.
Tish also mentioned the situation on Instagram. She claimed that she suffered PTSD as a result of her dispute, and she revealed in an Instagram story that she did not believe she had been sexually assaulted.

Tish, a former SA, said: “Slandering someone is a serious accusation. On my birthday I was very drunk, flirting, and having a good time. Before I even understood it, the internet captured what I saw in a video and called it SA. Although I don’t consider myself SA, I know how anxious I am.



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