The toughest NFL schedule for 2022: Jets, Rams, Steelers among teams facing tough times

  • Schedule strengths: .509 (15 days)
  • good bye: Week 9

I’ve put together a very rudimentary scoring system to evaluate schedules based on home/road pros and cons and opponents’ difficulties (which is subjective). We knew before we even started that the AFC Western team’s schedule would be among the toughest. This division will become a meat grinder in 2022. A battle for division supremacy could be brewing with the Chiefs, who have each been AFC Western champions in their last six years, are expected to play four of their last six. game on the road. The Chargers are far worse off as they will be visitors in 4 of their last 7 games, including a primetime meeting with the Colts team looking to return to the postseason after a massive disappointment in 2021 (week 16). Los Angeles battle against defending Super Bowl champion Rams (Week 17). To wrap up the regular season, they fly to Denver for Russell Wilson’s rematch against the Broncos.

Speaking of Denver, the Bronco kick off the season by returning to Seattle for Wilson in front of a crowd on Monday night. From Weeks 3 to 6, they have meetings with San Francisco, Las Vegas, Indianapolis and the Chargers, and a bit of a break with Jets and Jaguar (the Jacksonville game will be held at Wembley Stadium in London). There is very little respite on the schedule from there, so Denver is better equipped to run the marathon to the finish line.

The Raiders will enjoy the comfort of Allegiant Stadium in 4 of their last 6 games. But they should avoid a slow start in their first five games, a road-home swap against quality opponents like the Chargers, Arizona, Tennessee, Denver and Kansas City. And while they can spend a lot of time at home in the last six weeks, their opponents won’t be punching bags. Rams, New England, Pittsburgh and San Francisco await them from Weeks 14-17 before their 18th home game against their rival Chiefs.

Buckle up, AFC Western Team.

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