The video is a hot topic after a college student confessed that he did not leave a tip on TikTok.

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student from Universidad Ibero Americana One of Mexico’s most important private universities has uploaded a confession letter to her. Tik’s tock An account that went viral: She didn’t leave a tip when paying for an order at one of the on-campus restaurants.

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According to the student, at checkout, the cashier asked her if her account was closed or if she would like to add a tip for the service. She said no to him, without considering the fact that the restaurant did something special for her (she ordered an enprizolada and orange juice from the restaurant bar). In the video, he shared the reactions of not only the staff but also those around him.

The video, in which she speaks very candidly about what she thinks, sparked a series of reactions ranging from empathy to dissatisfaction with her attitude. Many users say, You don’t have to leave a tip in Mexico. , in these types of jobs, salaries are usually low and workers have a sense of satisfaction that their customers can give them. Others claim that tips are credited like tiktokers and that collecting at the checkout is not enough to receive that benefit.

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The original video has already received 42,800 views and over 3,600 likes. Since then, Tic Talker has uploaded three more videos dealing with the subject. In one of them, he explains: “I realized that the video caused some controversy and I want to explain… I don’t mean to tip when they don’t serve. It’s like when you go to Oxxo and tell them. , Is your account closed?”

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She explains that she’s not against tipping as long as there’s a service involved. what do you think? do you agree with her

The Reality of Mexican Tips

There is no obligation to tip in Mexico, but it is customary to leave 10-16% of the total amount, depending on how the service was. According to the Federal Consumer Protection Agency, “tipping in restaurants or bars is, above all, voluntary. It cannot be included in the account without the consent of the consumer.” Nevertheless, most diners are willing to tip given the low income level that waiters typically have.

According to data mexico site, Average Salary of a Waiter (Excluding tip) $4,120 pesos. A small amount can help explain why they are so insistent on asking for a tip for the services they provide. The most attractive part of their salary is their tips, and according to El Empresario sites in Mexico City areas like Polanco or Santa Fe, the concept can make you up to $30,000 a month.

Tip with the waiter Distributed to all employees. Making the restaurant work. There are no rules as to how tips should be distributed to restaurant staff, but it is usually done in the following way: Of the 10% tip, 5% is distributed to the entire team, and in this way 2% is distributed to the employee. Kitchen staff 1.5%, drink bar staff 1.5%, floor staff 1.5%; The remaining 5% tip goes to the waiter.


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