The video shows Rudy Giuliani calling the pornstar a ‘dumb’ and a ‘crazy like Biden’ at a pro-Israel parade.

  • Rudy Giuliani shouted at a booer during a pro-Israel parade in New York City on Sunday.
  • “I’m a class actor and you’re probably just as crazy as Biden,” Giuliani said.
  • On Friday, Giuliani was said to have met with a House committee investigating the January 6 uprising.

Rudy Giuliani took the time to walk the streets during the pro-Israel parade, exchanging a few optional words with the booers.

Former New York Mayor and Trump attorney faced off as they marched during the JCRC-NY Celebration Israel Parade in New York on Sunday.

“I cut down on crime, you idiot!” In the video, Giuliani can be heard saying this after turning her body to face someone yelling at him.

Giuliani also calls anyone yelling at him a “brainwashed bastard.”

Seeing him in a yellow shirt, Yadong calls Giuliani a “class act.”

After Giuliani replied, “I’m a class actor and you’re probably as crazy as Biden,” Giuliani smiled and walked away waving a small Israeli flag.

On Friday, Giuliani was said to have met the committee for nine hours on January 6th after canceling a scheduled appearance in early May.

The former politician was summoned in January for promoting “election fraud allegations” after the 2020 elections and “tried to persuade state legislators to take action to overturn election results.” According to the committee’s statement.

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