‘The Walking Dead’ begins filming in Georgia

walking dead

Photo via AMC

with walking dead AMC, which is about to call the day the next batch of episodes released this spring finally one day, is pushing a new spin-off series. Joining an existing derivative be afraid of the walking dead and Walking: Beyond the World is The Walking Dead’s Story, an anthology series that tells a different story set in a vast world TWD space every week.

Details about the current project are sparse, but we’re just about to start production, so we should start figuring it out sooner. Gainesville Times Confirmed Tales Filming takes place in Georgia as usual and starts next week. Specifically, the outlet revealed that AMC will use the property at 5711 Holiday Road in Buford after a $30,000 donation to Hall County. The undead will descend to this location from January 18th.

The on-site parking lot now houses a fake minimart building and a Mexican restaurant called “2 Panchos”. This indicates that this shoot will focus on a single location and localized character. Filming here will last approximately 53 days, and once filming is complete, the set building will be demolished for construction of the new Hall County Fire Department.

No storyline has been confirmed for Tales Not yet, but expect it to work on the widest canvas possible to give each episode the most creative freedom. So each installment is based on a different character set in a different location or time zone. In addition, he was teased for appearing in anime and musical episodes.

The Walking Dead’s Story With another spin-off (untitled untitled) featuring Daryl from Norman Reedus and Carol from Melissa McBridge is coming along, so stay tuned to see when these two come to life. walking deadThe final season of the series continues this February at AMC.

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