The Witch Part 2: Release Date, Cast FT Lee Jong-suk, Kim Dami & Trailer

The Korean drama The Witch Part 2: The Other One is back for everyone who loved the first part. When released in 2018, it featured a young girl who had escaped a government facility but lost her memory. Her past comes back when she goes to a contest to earn some money for her family. At the end of Part 1, the left cliff-like storyline. Viewers can be happy now that part 2 is just around the corner.

The Witch Part 2: Read ahead to learn more about the other and the different details.

The release date of the witch part 2

After the first successful drama The Witch: Subversion. Viewers waited really long to get another part of the story. Well, only this year could this have happened when the release date for The Witch Part 2: Arthur One was announced.

In fact, viewers who loved the previous work will be able to watch the second part in Korea on June 15th. Meanwhile, the second part was directed by Park Hoon-jung. Cast and other details are also available.

The Witch Part 2: Cast Against One Another

Aside from the story of any drama, the most important part is always the cast. Well, we’ve already seen it featured in Part 1 of the Korean thriller. This time, we will bring Cynthia along with Lee Jong-suk. Da-mi Kim and Eun-bin Pal join.

Meanwhile, I know that Kim Gun will take on the role of Gun Ja Yoon. Lee Jong-suk appears as a long-haired character. Therefore, Park Eun-bin takes on the role of Kyung-hee. Also here is some more info about the second part.

The Witch Part 2: Any other trailers?

Luckily, there’s a surprising and engaging trailer for The Witch Part 2: Arthur One, showing what’s coming this time. In fact, the trailer released this time showed Jang having a conversation with the doctor in charge of the role.

Meanwhile, Kyunghee is visibly helping Cynthia’s character. Finally we see a missile gun firing towards “the other”, leaving an interesting twist at the end of the trailer.

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