Theater staff increase after Jesse Williams nude video leaked

Nude photos and videos of Jesse Williams taken during a Broadway show began to circulate earlier this week, and New York City’s Second Stage Theater announced it would add more staff to address an audience problem using phones during performances. . Williams is currently starring in a revival of “Take Me Out” at the venue.

The image leaked online earlier this week, prompting a quick reaction from the troupe, the actors’ union, and Williams’ fellow actors. The theater announced Tuesday that it would add additional staff to implement a policy banning photography and video taking during performances.

According to deadline, the theater will also install an infrared camera system to monitor the audience. Second Stage did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CBS News.

An official from the theater company said, “The act of taking naked pictures without consent is very unpleasant and may result in legal punishment.” said Tuesday. “Posting on the Internet is a grave and unacceptable breach of trust between actors and audiences formed in the theater community. We are actively pursuing takedown requests and request that no one participate in the distribution of these images.”

Originally premiered in 2002, the Tony Award-winning play revolves around a famous Major League Baseball star who came out publicly as gay. Much of the story takes place in the team’s locker room, and current productions have actors appearing nude in clubhouse showers.

Patrick J. Adams, Jesse Williams, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and the cast request the Opening Night Curtain for the Second Stage Theater’s “Take Me Out” production at Broadway held at the Hayes Theater in New York on April 4, 2022.

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Before the leak, the theater was already taking precautions in an effort to ensure the “safety” of its theater cast, working with Yondr, a company that makes cases with magnetic locks for smartphones and other electronic devices. Viewers of “Take Me Out” must place their device in a locked compartment. Locks can be kept throughout the show, but can only be unlocked after the show is over.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, actor and lead actor in ‘Take Me Out’, said, “I was appalled by the rudeness shown to our actors, whose vulnerability on stage every night is crucial to take me out.” said. said Tuesday. “Anyone who applauds or downplays this behavior has no place in the theater, which has always been a safe space for artists and audiences.”

Actors Stock Association president Kate Shindle said in a statement Tuesday that “I condemn in the strongest possible terms the creation and distribution of photos and videos of members in nude scenes.” statement. “As actors, we regularly agree on being vulnerable on stage to tell difficult and challenging stories. This doesn’t mean that everyone we want to sneak recording devices into the theater agrees to share those vulnerable moments widely. Not only were they filming actors without their consent, they knew they were explicitly violating the theater’s ban on recording and distributing.

The “Take Me Out” revival won four Tony Awards. nomination The day the images leaked, including the best performance of the actor who starred in a play for Williams on Monday.


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