think before connecting

A new app designed to warn online workers about threats from malicious targets has been launched alongside the AML for CPNI campaign. The National Center for Infrastructure Protection (CPNI) is part of MI5, the British intelligence agency that advises governments and businesses on safeguarding security.

The app is being promoted in a social media campaign created by London-based telecommunication agency AML Group. It is intended for everyone who uses social and professional networking sites, especially those who work in a variety of industries including government, defense, science and technology.

This campaign not only encourages app downloads, but through its ‘Think Before You Link’ campaign line, reinforces the need for constant vigilance to remind those at risk that others on social media aren’t always who they’re talking about.

Campaigns with animated GIFs, videos and static ads with bold images and direct, memorable copy appear on major social media platforms, including LinkedIn.

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