This Crypto-Fueled Dating App broke the (virtual) hat.

The world of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens has never been as tough as these days, while some have embraced it and others have shunned it.

The recent cryptocurrency crash has left some adopters of social media unconvinced that investing is a good idea. And the sharp decline in interest in NFTs has sparked speculation about its value as an investment. Uncertainty for both has increased dramatically.

However, cryptocurrency and NFT fans both tend to be dedicated and passionate about their investments, not to mention speaking a language that can be gibberish to the average person.

So it makes sense for someone to come up with the idea of ​​creating a dating site for crypto/NFT fans so they can actually have a chance for romance.

it was called Lonely Monkey Dating ClubAnd, like everything related to cryptocurrency, it is designed to be an exclusive soiree for a select few.

Owners of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, with their distinct “you can’t sit with us” vibe of Mean Girls’ moments, are welcome to join.

Meanwhile, since it’s owned by celebrities like Eminem, Jimmy Fallon, Mark Cuban, Madonna and more, anyone with an active imagination can at least foresee a chance to bump into them on these dating apps.

All of this is in the past tense because the dating app for Crypto Bros. has been canceled.

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boring monkey yacht club

Wait, was there ever a crypto dating app?

yes no At first, it seemed that there was definitely one. re-released in February by 4000 yearsA collection of hackers and NFT collectors.

But the app had a strange question. For example, users had to link their cryptocurrency wallets and filtered potential matches based on cryptocurrency value and net worth. After all, when you can simply say poetic about the future of blockchain, why discuss things like shared goals and family aspirations?

Then, on May 12, this tweet about the dating club came up, as if the founders had decided to cancel the project.

Naturally, cryptocurrency and NFT haters immediately ridiculed it and quickly used it as further evidence that NFT owners are too awkward people to find love.

But according to Buzzfeed NewsThe app itself may not have existed in the first place. Because the creator of the app hinted in a Twitter DM with the author.

We’ll never know if the app is a joke from the start or if it’s simply a real project that didn’t work as planned.

Meanwhile, the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT continues to garner interest, but if you want to go out on a date at a small exclusive club that owns these NFTs, you’ll have to DM the old-fashioned way.

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