Three children collide with sidewalk vehicle equipped with ‘fire protection’…

On the 11th (local time), a car crashed into a sidewalk in Santa Ana, California, USA, and three children were hospitalized.

The children, consisting of two girls, ages 7 and 11, and a boy, 10, were on their way to school when they collided near Taft Elementary School.

The children are stable after receiving treatment at the hospital.

Santa Ana police identified the driver as Jason Guzman, 26, of Valencia, ABC7 reported. Police have yet to ascertain what the Valencian resident was doing in Santa Ana. Investigators said an explosive was found inside Mr. Guzman’s car.

Before the crash, Guzman reportedly broke into Taft Elementary School around 8:30 a.m. He requested to use the restroom and was later escorted off campus.

Police discovered a “suspicious incendiary device” after the incident and called the Orange County bomb squad for assistance. They found four devices on the vehicle of unknown purpose or effectiveness.

“After the collision with the children, the vehicle continued to roll and crashed into another vehicle. I think the car is parked.” Santa Ana Police Chief Maria Lopez said.

“Then he went on and on and finally stopped, where our officers contacted him and the vehicle.”

Police added that the suspect also suffered stab wounds.

The Santa Ana Police Department is conducting an investigation with the Santa Ana Unified School District Police Department and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

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