TikTok: ‘321 Bang’ Handstand Challenge Explained

If you’re obsessed with TikTok, you’ve probably checked out the “321 bang” handstand challenge. Because this trend is driving everyone crazy. Some users have also reacted to this. But if you haven’t experienced this challenge yet. Then I’ll tell you exactly what this challenge is right here.

Read ahead to learn more about the “321 bang” handstand challenge and other details.

TikTok Trend ‘321 Bang’ Handstand Challenge

Tiktok has amazing trends and challenges. However, some of the examples are the only ones experts can try. We’re talking about the latest “321 bang” handstand challenge. This trend is becoming incredibly popular in apps. Some users have even dared to try.

From the name of the challenge you can tell it’s about ah andstand. However, this is a little different from the usual handstands you’ve seen. It looks amazing in the video because it’s complicated for many, but for some it’s just trying to show flexibility.

What is the “321 bang” handstand challenge?

You may have seen many handstands on TikTok before. However, it is gaining popularity because it is unique. In this challenge, you’ll see people trying a new handstand position every time the word “321 bang” comes up. Begin by lifting one leg up, then twisting, and then lifting the next leg up.

@jamiepearsonnn No way on EARTH I’m the only one like this 💀💀💀 #first try ♬ 3 2 1 BANG – Escher

Finally, on the word ‘bang’, split your legs in different directions while standing on the palm of your hand. Posture while trying this challenge is all about flexibility. This challenge was popular on TikTok and got multiple likes and views.

Users’ reactions to the ‘321 Bang’ handstand challenge

Users are truly hooked on this challenge. But only a few of them dare to accept this challenge. This is because it is not an easy task for anyone to try, as it requires a lot of practice and flexibility. I’m not the only one who has tried this challenge. They said this is a lot harder than trying.

In fact, this challenge has several comments on videos of other users who have tried it. More and more users are still trying.

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