TikTok: Body-Checking Trends Experts Consider Unsettling and Provocative

TikTok looks for a viral trend that experts are concerned about, the Body Checking trend. Well, we have a few fitness-related hacks and trends for apps that users love to try. TikTok’s Body Checking trend is definitely not something that stands out. But what’s wrong with the Body Checking trend?

Read ahead to find out more about how TikTok’s physical examination trend is riding on word of mouth.

TikTok Discovers New Viral Body Checking Trends

If you’ve been active on TikTok, you’ve probably seen how popular fitness trends go viral on the app. Well, the new viral body-checking trend is similar. It made many users fall for it. Even if you haven’t come across this yet. Here’s something to do with your physique.

Several videos have been made about this trend so far. Some users are trying to get the desired body shown in the viral video. However, it is not an easy task for experts to evaluate. Experts have warned of this trend.

What are the Body Checking Trends?

With millions of hits on the Body Checking trend. We see these types of users wearing baggy clothes to make them appear overweight. But if you pull on the baggy dress, your real body is revealed.

Undoubtedly, some users are obsessed with this trend. Because they, too, tried this trend to look slimmer and slimmer. But before jumping into this trend. You should see what the experts are saying about these trends, and if it’s worth a try.

Experts warn of body-checking trends.

Although the trend of body checking was popular on TikTok. We also have experts look into these trends. Experts certainly don’t seem to be satisfied with the trend. Some experts have warned that users may change their diet due to their tendency to develop eating disorders and diseases.

One of the experts said that this tendency could lead to a phobia of fat. Because of this, some of the users may dislike not as skinny as the viral trend. Therefore, you should not fall into such a trend.

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