TikTok: Emoji Smoke Challenge and Video Exploration

Tiktok has once again got a new trend that he is passionate about, and that is none other than the ‘acting emoticon’ challenge. Well, this trend has to do with emojis. Users literally love this new trend. If you haven’t tried it yourself. Here’s what we all know about this. Because you can go ahead and try it yourself.

Read ahead to learn more about how TikTok is going viral with the “Acting Emoji” challenge.

TikTok discovers new trend in ’emoji acting’ challenge

Tiktok creates word of mouth and surprises people with interesting trends and challenges. So far we have thousands of trends and challenges to try. The ’emoji acting’ challenge that has been getting a lot of word of mouth on the app recently. This challenge is basically all about social media emoticons.

The name of the trend itself suggests what this trend might be about. A few emojis are displayed on the screen. while they have to act like them. Trends have become popular in the app. To date, thousands of videos have been created following this trend. But if you are not aware of these trends. Then you have to catch up too.

Why did the ’emoji acting’ challenge become a hot topic on TikTok?

The reason the ’emoji acting’ challenge became a hot topic on TikTok is because people like emoticons. It can be any platform on social media. Emojis are everywhere and even TikTok loves this trend. All you have to do in this trend is to choose an emoji and then create a sentence linked to the emoji.

Then you have to act according to the emoticons displayed on the screen. Many users have tried this trend using their touch. The trend of emoji acting has made everyone love it a lot. while they pass it on to others as well.

@evanhufferd I should give it a try 😂 / C: @noble_son #emojichallenge #performance ♬ Follow Noble Son on Spotify – Noble Son

Users’ reactions to the emoticon acting challenge

Users love to be popular on TikTok and try new trends whenever word of mouth spreads. It was the same with the emoticon acting challenge. Meanwhile, emojis are everyone’s favourite. The tendencies that emerged from him were therefore sure to drive everyone crazy.

@xdkaje #emotional #performance #emojichallenge #sympathy ♬ Say Something – Piano Cover Club from I’m in Records

So, TikTok users tried the emoji acting challenge in their own way. Some of them even made fun versions of the trend. They made a sketch based on the emoji.

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