Tiktok: Explaining BMS Meaning, Attractive Scale Filter Trends

Gone are the days when only dance videos and lip sync videos were all the rage on TikTok. Now even abbreviations like BMS can be trendy in apps. Yes, recently TikTok has experienced a variety of content that is going viral on the app. You can literally have any type of content trending in your app. What is captivating everyone these days is the acronym BMS. But what does that mean?

Read ahead to learn more about the acronym BMS, which is gaining traction on TikTok.

The acronym BMS is riding on word of mouth on TikTok

TikTok has previously used dance, transition and lip sync videos as a trend. However, over time, users started adding various trends and eventually the whole scenario changed. Well, now abbreviations or glitches can also be fashionable in apps. We’ve seen some glitches that tend to be in apps.

Now we got the acronym and that’s BMS. Yes, BMS is very popular in apps. Especially as a compliment in the video. In case you don’t understand yet what this means. Here we will decipher its meaning along with its full form.

What is the full form of BMS and what does it mean?

Well, if you don’t know the full form of BMS, it means “Broke My Scale”. But yes, don’t go with its literal meaning. Because it doesn’t literally mean someone broke someone’s scales. However, they are used to complement each other on social media.

Yes, whenever you want to compliment someone on a scale of 1 to 10 or more. But they think that a quality or talent is more than just a measure, and they say “BMS.” I mean you broke my scale. This acronym makes everyone go crazy about it.

@jakepalmrr 0 times #broke my scale ♬ Original sound – jakepalmrr

User reaction to TikTok’s ‘BMS’ trend

Undoubtedly, users are always looking for trends to try. So, they find it surprising to try this acronym BMS whenever they want to compliment someone on social media.

You can see this abbreviation almost anywhere on the internet, so users have started a new trend. We hope that users will love it more and more. There is more of a trend among users to find their place.


You can be sure that this filter is scientifically proven and 100% accurate.

♬ Original sound – Max_Balegde

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