TikTok: Explaining the ‘internal shower’ trend, will the recipe work?

TikTok has caught up with another new trend and is the “inside shower” trend that is gaining popularity in apps. Needless to say, TikTok has been showing some surprising and bizarre trends in apps over the years. Although some of them seem beneficial. Some are just a waste of time. But what is this “internal shower”?

Read ahead to learn more about TikTok’s “inside shower” trend.

The interior shower trend goes viral on TikTok.

Tiktok has undoubtedly all categories of content. Dancing, singing, talking and even fitness. However, the latest trend is known as the “inside shower” trend. This trend is going viral on TikTok and is trending as a type of treatment.

@jacvanek There is no need to try the chia seed internal shower. #internal shower #Constipation #ibs #travel hack ♬ Dua Lipa – Jack Hollow

You may have seen too many drinks being made for health or other reasons. This “inside shower” trend, which we claim to relieve constipation, is widespread. But is it really true that this “inside shower” tendency works in any way to treat or help constipation?

Why is the interior shower trend gaining popularity?

The tendency to shower inside shows a mixture that claims to actually relieve constipation problems. In this way, users can add chia seeds to water and lemon and then drink. Two tablespoons of chia seeds in a glass of water. Then users wondered if adding lemon juice would actually work.

@drlindseyschmidt Inside shower room? Is it worth helping with constipation!? #internal shower #Constipation #ibs #travel hack #bloating ♬ Music for Sushi Restaurant – Harry Styles

In fact, many users with this tendency have been eager to try it. Some users have tried this mixture and believed it to help with constipation slightly. However, it seems that there are still experts to consult before trying.

TikTok’s “Interior Shower” Trend Expert

We should not jump into a trend, especially if it relates to our health or our lives. As such, the recent internal shower trend of TikTok has also surpassed 50 million views and is a hot topic. There is expert advice you can use before trying it yourself.

@dr.karanr Internal shower @Lauren Armstrong #internal shower #chia seed #Constipation ♬ Original Sound – Dr Karan Raj

According to one of the nutritionists, a drink of chia seeds and water can only be safe if you are not allergic to it. Also, chia seeds may not help if you already have a disease for which seeds are not recommended. Sometimes it can cause stomach upset rather than relieve it. Therefore, precautions should be taken before attempting this trend.

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