TikTok: Explaining the Origin and Meaning of Rizz Slang

TikTok has caught another trend with the slang “Rizz” that more and more users want to know about it. To be sure, over the years we’ve seen TikTok use too many acronyms and slang in their apps. Recently we discovered another similar popular trend called “Rizz”. But what is it about?

TikTok Finds New Trends in “Rizz”

TikTok’s new “Rizz” trend goes viral

TikTok may have popularized many trends in dance and lip syncing. However, it is the acronyms and slang that are trending in the app that are gaining immense popularity. I recently discovered that the word “rizz” or “unspoken rizz” is also gaining popularity in apps.

Although many people already know what it means. Some of them have already used the same trend. Some people still struggle with what it means and are trying to find out about its origins. So where did the word come from?

What is the meaning and origin of the TikTok ‘Leeds’ trend?

The term “Rizz” comes from YouTuber and Twitch streamer Kai Cenat. It is a word that means the ability of a man to impress a woman. In fact, similar meanings of this slang are also found in the popular Urban Dictionary.

The word Rizz is said to be “the art of silence that attracts women.” Words with the same meaning are popular on TikTok. Because more and more users want to know about it.

Leeds Academy by Kai Senat

As Kai came with the term Liz. He even came with the academy of Rizz for all back in July 2021. Kai’s on-stream academy used to help men build the skills to win women’s hearts. The idea of ​​Rizz Academy was hugely popular when it started.

In fact, Leeds Academy taught skills in three types of Leeds: L, V, and W. Here L is Loss, which was the worst case. Best of all, the W stands for Win. Meanwhile, after leaving Kai’s academy, the word Liz itself has become a trend that goes viral on TikTok.

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