TikTok: ‘First drink vs last drink’ viral trend clarification

Just like TikTok’s “first drink versus last drink” trend, TikTok can literally turn anything into a popular trend. The app’s popularity has grown significantly. Few people like to try out trends and challenges on TikTok. However, recently, ‘first drink versus last drink’ is the trend. So, what is it about?

Read ahead to learn more about TikTok’s “first drink versus last drink” trend.

First drink vs last drink’ TikTok trend

It’s impossible to predict which trend will be on TikTok. In fact, once word of mouth gets in the way, it’s almost hard not to even try without celebrities. But this time around, TikTok’s craze is all about the “first drink versus last drink” trend. Yes, this particular trend is driving everyone crazy.

@nievejones_ Wedding prank, the last one is the best 😂 #ElectricifyTheMini #First and Last Selfie Challenge #wedding #first drink ♬ Original sound – Nievejones_

The popularity of this trend cannot be estimated simply by the fact that the original video of this trend recorded 9 million views. As far as that goes, it has about 1 million+ likes. Well, if you haven’t come across this trend yet. Here’s what you need to know about it.

What is the “first drink vs last drink” trend?

Unlike most trends and challenges, the “first drink versus last drink” trend isn’t a dance or lip sync type of trend. Rather, it is unique in its own right. So this trend is to show people from the first alcoholic drink of the night to the last drink of the night.

@hallieeeexx First and last drink 😂 #fyp #wedding #drunk ♬ Original sound – Harley.

The fun part of this trend is that it shows people with drastic changes from first drink to last drink. This is eventually riding word of mouth on TikTok. You can try this trend with your family and friends to see how it changes from the first drink to the last.

Users’ reactions to the ‘first drink vs last drink’ trend

There is no doubt that it is a completely different trend. It has a bit of a fun effect on those who drink it, so it’s loved by everyone. Some users couldn’t stop trying this trend.

Some were happy to see the trend on TikTok. Don’t miss it. This trend has become popular on TikTok. It gives you millions of views on it. while still growing.

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