TikTok: George Strait Song goes viral, explains ‘I’m Carrying your love with me’ trend

Tiktok finds new viral trend in George Strait’s “I’m Carrying Your Love With Me” song. Although it’s not new for TikTok to have a new trend every minute. But lately, Strait’s songs have been taking everyone’s heart. Well, if you haven’t seen this trend on TikTok yet. If so, here’s what you need to know about it. Trends make everyone fall for it.

Learn more about TikTok’s new viral trend, “I’m Carrying Your Love With Me”.

Tiktok finds a new trend in the song “I’m Carrying Your Love With Me”.

If you’re a regular user of tiktok, you’ve probably seen certain songs go crazy viral in the app. Well, this new “I’m Carrying Your Love With Me” trend is similar. This trend was actually created in George Strait’s song. This is a hit song released in 1997.

But recently there is another popular artist, David Morris, who recreated Strait’s songs. Morris loved Strait’s original song a lot. He got his hands on this song and it came out for everyone in July. Since then, the song has found its way to TikTok.

Why is ‘I’m Carrying Your Love With Me’ popular on TikTok?

It was sung by David Morris after a re-creation of George Strait’s song “I’m Carrying Your Love With Me”. Everyone is making videos with TikTok’s sound clips. In the TikTok trend, you can find users who show the love they have brought so far. Showing your pregnant belly, pet fur, tattoos, scars, etc. to show love.

@jasmineanddawoud 😳 Why everywhere #fyp #for you #foryoupage #husband and wife #muslim couple #carry love with me ♬ Carry Your Love – David Morris

The song went viral on TikTok and created thousands of videos. Some even made videos on Strait’s original tracks. Of course, no one can guarantee that old songs will be popular on TikTok.

@georgestrait What do you carry? #george strait #country music #carry me love ♬ Carry Me Your Love – George Strait

User reactions to the trend “I’m Carrying Your Love With Me”

Users always love to try new trends on TikTok. Meanwhile, the “I’m Carrying Your Love With Me” trend gave both David Morris’s version and George Strait’s original new popularity. However, many users have tried the trend with the Strait version.

Some users have said that David’s song is not as good as Strait’s song. Not to be missed, David has a version of his own song by Strait and says he has permission from the original creator of the song. In addition, they will also receive the same publishing royalties.

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