TikTok: “I Want to Kill My Mom” Trend Explains Origin and Meaning

A new obsession on TikTok has found the viral sound of “I want to kill my mother” growing in popularity. Well, going viral for sounding unique or fun is nothing new. Something similar to TikTok’s “I want to kill my mom” trend. As users of the app are crazy about the trend.

Read ahead to learn more about the “I want to kill mom” trend going viral on TikTok.

TikTok spotted the “I want to kill my mom” viral trend.

There are several funny sounds on TikTok that have gone viral on the app. After that, users continued to try it out in their videos. Well, the “I Want to Kill My Mom” ​​video is something similar. This sound trend is also a fun one that will make everyone laugh.

Trend shows several videos made on it. Where you can hear this sound in the background. In fact, the original video of the song has exceeded 22 million views. While trending on TikTok.

What is the “I want to kill my mother” trend about?

Right now, you can see several videos on TikTok about shouting “I wanna kill my mum.” The original video for this sound is from user @ongodiswearfr. In the video, you can see a boy wearing a red top and black beanie.

@papa.frank000 😮”I want to kill my mother.” #fyp city #viral video #funny #mid ♬ ASMR – ReHD

The boy goes to hide in a big sweater. A man from behind asks what the child was doing. The video features a conversation in which a child hiding in a sweater says, “I want to kill her mother.” When everyone seemed surprised, the children said, “I want to kill Daddy. I want to kill her grandmother.” Everyone starts laughing when they hear this.

Users’ reaction to the TikTok ‘I want to kill my mother’ trend

Certainly in the original video with the sound “I wanna kill my mum,” users found the sound amusing and amusing. Not only that, several users have already tried the trend.

Users tried it out in funny situations they describe in their video captions. While playing sound in the video background. Certainly, the trend is making it a lot of laughs.

@itsmollyesther my face pls #mathematics book exhibition #I have no money #just watching #itsmollyesther #fyp ♬ ORIGINAL SOUND – CROPPED VIDEO
@blackboynextdoor2 #fyp #foryoupage ♬ ORIGINAL SOUND – CROPPED VIDEO
@the_belle_doxies I’m sorry but it’s so cute😭 #fyp #dachshund #dakshundoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #HausLabs Foundation ♬ ORIGINAL SOUND – CROPPED VIDEO

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