TikTok: Joey Votto dances “The Griddy” with fans and goes viral on social media.

It was an unforgettable moment when a young girl fan of MLB player Joey Votto satisfied her desire to Tik Tok with her in the dance “The Griddy”. Yes, this beautiful moment was captured not long ago when a celebrity made a fan happy. Such cute moments spread all over the internet. It is also popular on TikTok.

Read ahead to learn more about how MLB star Joey Votto is making his young fan’s dream come true.

A young fan asked Joey Votto to do a TikTok with her.

Everyone is crazy about MLB players. Fans love to watch matches live to see their favorite players play. We recently spotted a young girl fan of Joey Votto at the stadium where Joey Votto’s team Cincinnati Red was for a match. But before the match, there was a beautiful moment captured by a fan.

Just like the crowd cheering for their team. There was Jean Parks, a young girl fan, with her brother standing among the crowd. With a sign with a message about Joey Votto. “Joey Votto. Would you like to Tik Tok with me?”

@espn @Joey Votto is real 😂👏 (via @jeanjeanparks1) #mlb #baseball #Pan #funny #dance ♬ Original sound – Tik Toker

Joey Votto made a young fan happy.

Getting the attention of your favorite stars is every fan’s wish. This little girl fan of Votto managed to do the same. Yes, it was recently when the Cincinnati Red was about to play. This girl’s wish to create a TikTok with Votto has come true.

It was just before Votto’s match started. He danced “The Griddy” with Jean Parks. While her brother was recording Votto with his sister. The moment that got her dancing with Votto was literally one of the best moments of her life.

Greedy dance of Votto and his fans gaining popularity on TikTok

Because Jean Parks got a chance to dance with her favorite player, Votto. It was a tough moment for everyone on the pitch. But later a video of her dancing with Votto was on her TikTok account.

Then it got millions of views and likes. However, her TikTok account later faced a ban because of her age. The minimum age allowed for TikTok users is 13. Jean said she was only 12 when she posted a video of her with Votto.

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