TikTok: Kim Kardashian and North West Minion makeup trend goes viral

North West turns Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist into a viral minion makeup trend. Kardashians are always in the limelight as one or the other. Recently we saw Kim Kardashian and her daughter North West gaining popularity on TikTok. Well, no one can deny TikTok. Even celebrities are the same.

Read ahead to learn more about how Northwest turned makeup artist Kim, her mother, is trying out the viral minion makeup trend.

Popular North West and Kim Kardashian on TikTok

Kim Kardashian as well as her four children are popular on the Internet. Of the four, North is the eldest sister who more resembles her father Kanye West. North is a style icon just like her mother. In fact, Kim Jong-un and North Korea have a joint TikTok account. This is the place to post funny videos and try out trends.

They joined TikTok in 2021 under a joint account called “Kim and North”. Since then they have been posting videos. Lately, I’ve tried everyone’s favourite. Their videos on the trend also garnered millions of views.

Credit: Pascal Le Segretin/Getty

North West turns mom Kim into a minion.

We all know how popular minions are on the internet. This funny character was popular in the Despicable Me movie. The popularity of this character has given TikTok a few trends to try. One of them is the minions makeup trend. Well, recently, Chairman Kim and North Korea have also tried the trend in their own way.

North West recently turned into a makeup artist for moms. I did makeup for Yuna Kim and looked like a minion. The video is getting an explosive response on TikTok. Yuna Kim dyed her face yellow after her makeup. She made her lips and eyes look like her minions with him.

User reaction to Kim Jong-un and North Korea who tried the minion makeup trend

The popular and viral minion makeup trend is loved by everyone. Meanwhile, users witnessed Kim and North Korea attempting this. They loved their videos. However, the comment section between Kim and North Korea was turned off. He then left a comment about the re-uploaded video on the Internet.

Some netizens said that North Korea did Kim’s makeup too well. One user said she could not recognize that she was Kim. In the midst of all this, the amazing trend of her mother and daughter was loved by everyone.

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