TikTok: Kris Jenner meme ‘Krissed’ goes viral on social media

We’ve all seen how TikTok excites everyone with one or another evolving trend, including making Kris Jenner’s “Kissed” trend all go viral. Yes, these new trends all have to do with popular social media star Kris Jenner. A lot of people may not have seen what it was about. Here we bring everything for you.

Read ahead to learn more about TikTok’s “Kissed” trend.

Tiktok is riding word of mouth with the “Kissed” trend.

Tiktok has grown into one of the most popular social media platforms over the years. Thanks to this, not only the general public but also celebrities around the world could not refuse the trend and challenge of TikTok. In fact, this trend actually makes TikTok the most loved app in the world.

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However, the latest trend on TikTok is the ‘Crised’ trend. Yes, but if you haven’t come across this yet. Then it comes directly from the Jenner family. If you think about who exactly should be credited for this trend, it’s none other than Kris Jenner herself, and the trend is called “Krissed”.

What is TikTok’s “Kissed” trend?

Well, if the viral trend “Krissed” confuses you a lot. If so, this Kris Jenner trend is actually users referencing Kris’ videos from 10 years ago. From that video posted on Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s joint YouTube channel.

The entire Jenner family is seen dancing to the hit song “Lady Marmalade”. However, the most difficult part to miss out on the trend was the appearance of Chris dancing in a shiny green dress in the video. So now when the video comes back to TikTok. We’re seeing a trend we call the “Kissed” trend.

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User’s reaction to the ‘Crised’ trend

Again, Kris Jenner’s video on TikTok is driving users crazy. In fact, users are using this video at the end of the video along with some fake rumors. Finally, to show Chris dancing. Finally they call it “Kissed”.

Don’t miss it. This trend is very popular on TikTok. It’s a trend that users react to and call “Kissed”.

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