TikTok: Meaning of ‘frog in my hand’ joke explained as it trended on social media

TikTok never fails to bring you some amazing trends for your partner to try, like the “frog in my hand” trend. Well, I get tons of trends on TikTok every day. It’s often confusing which one to try first. But we can guarantee you that you’ll want to try the “frog in my hand” trend going viral on TikTok. But what is it about? Here we know about it.

Read ahead to see if TikTok’s fun new “frog in my hand” trend is going viral.

The “frog in my hand” trend trending on TikTok

There may be a few trends on TikTok that work as pranks. Well, “The Frog in My Hand”, which has been my new obsession with TikTok, is similar. It could be someone’s partner, family, or friends who are using the trend on others. The trend is about conversations and questions about frogs.

@mudyandshamy Shouldn’t be this hard 😂😂 #mudyandshamy ♬ Original sound – Moody & Chemmy

Well, there are multiple versions of the trend too. When fleas or flies are used to tease opponents instead of frogs. Everyone is sure to be laughing at the end of this prank fad and that is why the fad is gaining popularity. Also, there is no age limit like fashion. Literally anyone can try it.

How to try the “frog in my hand” trend?

If you’re interested in trying the “frog in my hand” trend on someone. If so, here’s how. All you have to do is act as if you are holding a frog in your hand. Since it doesn’t exist, it won’t be visible to anyone.

But pretending to tell the other person that the frog jumps three times. Next, give the frog’s invisible jacket to someone else to catch it. Then say the frog jumps again three times. Then you have to ask the other person if they believe you have a real frog in your hand.

@charrrlenee This guy😭😭😭 I just woke up too😀 #fleainmyhand #flea #Boyfriend @mr.meseeks #fyp ♬ original sound – Charlene

If they answer “no” then ask them why they are holding the frog’s jacket. It will make the prank successful and you can literally laugh.

User Reactions to TikTok’s “Frog in My Hand” Trend

TikTok enthusiasts obviously love trying trends they can on others. Hence the “frog in my hand” trend as well. There are users who try the trend on family, friends and even partners. It made everyone laugh until the end.

On the other hand, the ‘frog in my hand’ trend was literally fun because it was a completely harmless trend. Sometimes, even some of TikTok’s trends turn out to be harmful. But this is something you should definitely try if you haven’t tried it.

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