TikTok: Naughty Quiz Viral Trend, How to Participate?

The last quarter of 2022 is approaching, and after Halloween, everything is about Christmas, so a naughty or cool trivia is going viral on TikTok. Well, as festivals and events approach, we never run out of trends and challenges. Just like we’ve been trending on Halloween before. But the excitement is now approaching Christmas.

Read ahead to find out more about whether TikTok’s naughty or cool trivia is going viral.

Naughty or Good Quiz Rides Word of mouth on TikTok

We’ve all been excited about spooky Halloween before. But as winter knocks at the door. Everyone was excited about the different festivals and Christmas. Well, Christmas without Santa is of no use. So we got a trend like gifts from Santa Claus on TikTok.

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There is a trend called naughty quizzes. You may have tried the TikTok trend before. These trends are similar, but in different ways. All you have to do is find yourself in one of the lists.

What about TikTok’s naughty or cool trivia?

As Christmas approaches, the naughty quiz is going viral on TikTok. If you want to try this trend, you can take this quiz on the North Pole Times website. just visit www.northpoletimes.com And there will be your naughty or cool trivia.

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Then you must enter your name in the quiz. After that, Santa’s official naughty or good list will tell you if you’re the bad guy or the good guy. The results are also displayed in checkboxes with a check mark for good or bad.

Users’ reactions to the TikTok Naughty Quiz

There are a few quizzes about TikTok that excited users a lot. Besides, this Santa’s naughty or cool trivia is definitely driving everyone crazy later. Because it’s easy to try and everyone wants to know if they’re a bad person or a good person.

Users tried this quiz and got interesting results. A quiz can help you find out why someone is good and why is bad. Not only that, users are trying this quiz and sharing the results with others on TikTok.

@british._.thingz25 @Demi #Christmas #naughty#Cool #no shadow #fish #for you #video virus ♬ All I want for Christmas is you – Mariah Carey

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