TikTok: Prank meme goes viral, explains granny’s trend

TikTok is literally everywhere with its content, as it’s recently been spotlighted with the viral “Old Grannies” trend. This particular trend is all over TikTok. There are things that are gaining popularity. Well, to be specific with this trend, getting a lot of views is a prank trend. If you haven’t seen this trend, you should. But what makes these “Old Grannies” so popular?

Read ahead to learn more about the Old Grannies trend that is gaining popularity on TikTok.

Old Grannies videos popular on TikTok

The Old Grannies trend, the naughty trend on TikTok, actually came out in 2020. However, I’m not sure when TikTok will be able to revive the old trend. So again this year, this trend is back in vogue.

@marquaythegoat Do not search for replies to @rubl0! #xyzbca #for you #comedy #story time ♬ Original sound – Helicopter Man🚁

Called the Old Grannies trend, this prank trend is about what users try on their friends. If you believe, you will surely know even if you want to know. So here we bring you everything that makes this trend so popular on TikTok.

What’s special about this Old Grannies prank trend?

Old Grannies’ mischievous tendencies are very simple. Anyone trying this trend on someone should ask someone else to search Google for the line “Old Grannies”. After that, the photos in that category are displayed and everyone is shocked by the image.

@mcplaygt When I reply to @rissaa__16, what’s next? #fyp #poop #for you #foryoupage #For you #foryourpage #Asian #Mom #crash #comedy #funny #tendency #trending #viral #new ♬ Original sound – McPlayGT

In fact, users tell their family and friends to search for Old Grannies. They find a startlingly bizarre image of an elderly grandmother. As a joke, many have tried this trend on friends. The trend has received multiple views and likes over time.

User Reactions to TikTok’s Old Grannies Trend

In 2020, the naughty trend of Old Granise was also in vogue. This year, thanks to the trend. In fact, you can’t miss the reaction of users who have fallen in love with this trend. Many people were so shocked by the images of the old grandmother after searching on Google.

Some easily fell for this viral Old Grannies trend. Many of them are lucky enough to see something awkward or shocking in this prank trend on TikTok. However, users are definitely gaining tremendous popularity.

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