TikTok: ‘Protein Bor’ trend, men’s strange pronunciation is explained by word of mouth

TikTok can literally trend everything just like “protein bo” is gaining popularity on TikTok. This is a viral trend, not a simple trend. Yes, TikTok’s new obsession is a term that confuses everyone and makes them fall in love at the same time. But what is the “protein bor” trend?

Read ahead to learn more about TikTok’s new viral trend “Protein Bor”.

Tiktok gets a new “protein bor” trend.

Tiktok brings a new trend almost every second. Users love to try new trends every time. The diversity of viral trends is beyond imagination. Because even a mistake or glitch can literally become a virus. Well, that’s what happened with the “protein bor” trend as well.

TikTokker ‘jamesdoylefitness’ drew attention with its protein bar video. The tiktoker has been a fitness freak who keeps posting reviews of dietary supplements and videos about fitness, whether diets, shakes, cookies or protein bars. But what is gaining popularity on TikTok is his review of protein bars.

@jamesdoylefitness Aldi Peanut Butter Protein Bor #proteinbor #examine #irish ♬ Original Sound – Protein Borpafi

Why is the “protein bo” trend gaining traction on TikTok?

If you’ve been active on TikTok, you’ve probably observed that literally anything can turn into a trend on TikTok. Just like we rode word of mouth as a trend on TikTok when we had certain glitches. This “protein bor” trend is similar. In this trend, fitness tick-talkers shared reviews about protein bars.

It wasn’t the reviews that made the video go viral. Rather, this trend was started because of TikTokker’s Irish accent and incorrect pronunciation of the word ‘ba’. Instead of calling it “protein bar”, it’s pronounced “protein bor”. It just made it go crazy viral.

User reactions to the “protein bor” trend

Users always like to try new trends. But as soon as I saw Tic Talker, the ‘protein bor’ trend came to mind. They liked the accent and mispronunciation of the word “bar” by the tiktoker. In fact, some of them even made a video with the word “protein bor”.

Meanwhile, TikTok’s ‘Protein Bor’ with an Irish accent went viral through his video. Because it has reached 150,000 followers. He should also promote other protein bars to review, including one Barebell Raspberry Cream protein bar.

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