TikTok Rumor: Will Camille Vasquez Represent David Dobrik in Jeff Wittek Case?

After a stunt with an excavator goes wrong, Jeff Wittek sues David Dobrik and has a specific lawyer in mind. The Internet was flooded with rumors that David would hire Camille Vasquez as his attorney after TMZ made the news public.

If you want to catch up with the claims, you don’t need to search deeper. What happened to David and Jeff, the identity of Camille Vasquez, and the rumors surrounding the lawyer defending Dobrick are all covered in detail by HITC.

Jeff Witek vs David Dobrick

David Dobrik is being sued by Jeff Wittek for a loss of $10 million. TMZ took over the case, where Jeff’s point of view was heard.

According to Jeff, David and many of his friends were recording a video for David Dobrik in 2020, during which time David was thrown alternately by ropes tied to a working excavator.

But Jeff was forced to hit the excavator with all his might because the construction machine was moving so fast. According to TMZ, this resulted in serious injuries to his feet, hips and skull, and nearly lost his eyes.

From Tiktok’s point of view, Camille Vasquez could represent David Dobrik.

Camille, who defended Johnny Depp in a defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard, became famous.

After a video of her and Ben Chew appeared online on TikTok, she once again made headlines in town. She is rumored to be Ben’s representation at the trial, as Ben was told that she had spoken to Camille with David Dobrik.

Given that David is currently being sued by Jeff, many thought the meeting could be about that, even if the video didn’t fully capture what was being discussed. Neither David nor Camille have provided any official confirmation at this time.

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Camille’s followers are hoping the rumors aren’t true.

Rumors that Camille represents David Dobrik are not particularly popular with Camille’s supporters, as David Dobrik has been involved in numerous controversies over the years. In fact, many people expressed their concerns through social media.

One Twitter user said: “If Camille takes David Dobrick’s case, I won’t be a fan anymore.”

After the reporter posted the rumors on TikTok, Camille’s Jess fans responded enthusiastically to the comments. One TikTok user sincerely hopes she doesn’t. She must represent Jeff.

Nothing has been confirmed so far, but Camille’s supporters seem to want her to avoid the YouTuber world.

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