TikTok star ‘Gena Tew’ opened up about AIDS diagnosis.

Social media influencer Gena Tew uses the platform on TikTok to share her journey and talk to her fans about her AIDS diagnosis.

She first admitted having AIDS in a TikTok video in March 2022. Tew claimed that she “had been through hell” and she still claimed that she was “hell.”

Who is Gena Tew?

The social media sensation Gena Tew has 20,000 Instagram followers and over 401,000 TikTok followers. She posted a video on her social media to update her followers on her own journey and discuss her AIDS diagnosis.

Although Lew’s page is not intended to be educational or documentary, she added, “I appreciate that people are getting awareness about AIDS.” Gena Tew is listed as 27 on her Famous Birthdays.

Gena Tew denies her AIDS diagnosis.

Tue answered fans’ questions about her diagnosis of AIDS and was transparent about how she got infected.

I don’t know who gave it to me or where I got it. All I know is that they told me I should have had this disease for 8 to 10 years because I was sick to death. I was homeless and was living in New York City at the time.

Tew claimed that he “may be made with dirty needles” because he was raped while living in New York and had free tattoos.

Jenna Stew Confessing About Immobility

Tew has provided numerous updates about his wheelchair to his online followers, including a video stating that he is disabled and that he is still unable to walk in a video he posted in May.

Tew has been uploading videos since June when he first discovered that he had AIDS while in the hospital. She said she was “too weak” to speak clearly.

Tew informed her followers at the end of June that she was “still weak” but “worked every day.” In July, Tew informed her followers that she can now move around in her wheelchair.

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