TikTok star Lauren Gray has released an emotional video with the lyrics “You Did Not Break Me”.

Not only does TikTok publish fun and entertaining content to watch, but it also provides a platform for those who want to discuss often serious issues, such as Loren Gray joining TikTok’s You Didn’t Break Me campaign on video. Yes, the popular and rising TikToker Loren Gray has become very popular, especially after a video about TikTok joined the campaign.

Read ahead to learn more about how TikTok star Loren Gray joins TikTok’s “You Didn’t Break Me” campaign.

TikToker Loren Gray Participates in TikTok’s “You Didn’t Break Me” Campaign

TikTok is growing into one of the most popular social media platforms. It provided a platform for all types of content, including the really serious ones. Adding even more to that is the user base that makes many trends on TikTok. Recently, popular TikTok star Loren Gray also joined the campaign against TikTok.

@lorengray Some days are harder #saawareness ♬ You didn’t break me – Nena <3

Gray is an American model and social media influencer. On TikTok, her fan followers are around 54 million. But what’s getting a lot of attention these days is her joining in her emotional You Did n’t Break Me campaign.

Why Loren joined the “You Didn’t Break Me” campaign?

The hit movement You Didn’t Break Me was actually a song lyric for Sia’s 2015 Elastic Heart. It became so popular that it became a movement for survivors of se*ula assault on TikTok. More recently, Lauren also joined the movement. She talked about the same assault she had when she was 12 years old.

So, she recently posted a video of herself with some captions with Sia’s 2015 song playing in the background. She posted it in response to awareness about having someone speak out about the sexual assault they’ve faced or experienced.

User reaction to Loren Gray video

A video of Gray participating in You Didn’t Break Me Movement is going viral on TikTok. Users have expanded their support for stars to take a stand for the cause.

Previously, Gray was afraid to talk about what she had been through. She felt confident after taking her stand on it. You can see it in her video. Meanwhile, her videos have empowered many other victims of assault to speak on their behalf.

@maddywilson43 I cried while making this, but I’m so proud of myself 😥💛#survivor #Justiceforthegirls ♬ You didn’t break me – Nena <3
@deena.sheridan_ i will never forgive you #Dad #97 percent #sasurvivour #youdidnotbreakme #fyp #for you #foryoupage #mental health ♬ You didn’t break me – Nena <3

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