TikTok star QCP has been booked for a felony.

TikTok influencer QCP was arrested for driving a recently stolen U-Haul vehicle.

Here’s everything you need to know.

TikTok Star QCP Allegations Investigated

The Los Angeles Police Department recently reported that QCP had recently been detained for possession of a stolen vehicle.

According to reports, the QCP was washed by authorities after police searched license plates and found the U-Haul he was driving was stolen.

Moreover, QCP claimed that he borrowed the car from a friend.

However, law enforcement has revealed that the van was reported to have been stolen after someone borrowed it and never returned it. They also ghosted car rental companies.

Meanwhile, the social media influencer has been arrested and charged. He was then released on bail of $25,000.

Meanwhile, so far, no charges have been filed against him. Also, he’s unlikely to be charged, given that he didn’t rent a van in the first place. Also, he has no past record of cruising in a stolen vehicle.

On the other hand, fans and friends of QCP are confident that the lawsuit against him will soon be dropped.

A friend of QCP said that one of his roommates had to pay for U-Haul but didn’t pay it on time. Nevertheless, it is said that his roommate settled the amount.

In addition, a QCP official claimed that a TikTok star helped a friend move his belongings. He was unaware that the U-Haul was reported to have been stolen.

QCP protests racist remarks

QCP gradually gained fame on TikTok, but it was short-lived when fans started noticing old videos of him posting stereotyped comments.

He faced a huge backlash on social media for repackaging the post. He apologized for past mistakes, but users don’t seem to forgive him anytime soon.

QCP spoke about the criticism he was receiving in an interview with NJ.com.

He said, “I uploaded a video impersonating another race. The impersonation is exaggerated and frankly insulting. At that time, I used to upload about 20 videos a day, and I uploaded it impulsively without even thinking about what I was doing. I didn’t think it would offend, I fully understand why it’s so extreme.’

Moreover, the 22-year-old entertainer explained that he was ‘not racist at all’. I don’t know why a video has to define me that way.’


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