TikTok star Taylor Holder has opened up about sexual assault rumors about him.

TikTok celebrity Tayler Holder has finally clarified rumors of multiple sexual assault allegations against him.

Influencers were at the center of controversy earlier this year in February. He has faced sexual assault allegations from several victims.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Taylor Holder charged with sexually assaulting multiple victims

In February 2022, fans were confused when Taylor Holder was quickly unfollowed by several major influencers, including his ex-girlfriends Charlie Jordan, Lauren Gray and Daisy Kitchie.

Josh Richards, Jordan Jones, Mian Twins, Jaden Hossler and Olivia Ponton are among his close friends who unfollow Holder.

Some members of his professional team have also been reported to have unfollowed the 24-year-old celebrity.

Those who unfollow Holder did not directly comment on why they suddenly unfollowed the influencer.

Nevertheless, some of Holder’s former friends started sharing some secret stories on Instagram handles. The post immediately led fans to believe that Holder was involved in sexual assault allegations.

Holder’s friend Bryce Hall, 22, posted an ambiguous Instagram story after unfollowing the musician.

His story was that he was about to go crazy. It is highly likely to be an allusion to an ongoing drama.

Taylor Holder clarifies sexual assault allegations

Taylor Holder recently spoke out on a podcast about sexual harassment allegations against him. TMZ


The TikTok star has cleared the air by completely denying the allegations against him. He said no victims have yet filed charges of sexual assault against him.

He also argued that it would be false to claim that all rumors circulating about him are not.

In February, influencer drama journalist Keemstar noted that Holder had sent a break letter to nearly 50 influencers living in Los Angeles. In his letter, Holder describes the charges against him as ‘terrible’.

Taylor Holder

The next day, Bryce Hall posted a YouTube video in which he said he had received a truce from Holder’s team.

The letter noted that Hall did not speak publicly about the holder’s circumstances and the contents of the letter. However, Holder insisted he faces several serious charges.

Even so, some fans are starting to believe that the allegations of sexual assault against Holder could be part of a massive publicity campaign.

There is a theory that he did a PR stunt to promote Holder’s new song, which will be released soon.



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