TikTok: Teenager in suit banned from movie theaters due to gentle minions trend

In TikTok, a platform where new trends appear and spread day by day, the trend of Gentle Minions is now the main trend. Teens dressed in Nine visit local cinemas via multiple videos shared on the platform.

Young people in black suits, formal shirts, pleated slacks and ties at the screening of the new animated film, Minions: Rise of Gru. From entering the mall to riding the escalator, these teens are dressed to take part in the Gentle Minions craze.

Also, as soon as they entered the theater, they sat in a line, occasionally throwing minion symbols and clapping to express their appreciation for the movie.

Due to the Gentle Minions fad, teens in suits are banned from movie theaters.

The Minions movie franchise has been incredibly popular for a while, but the most recent, Rise of Gru, has experienced tremendous growth as a result of the Gentle Minions TikTok fad. Theaters are increasingly barring teens in suits. This is the result of them clapping and making minion gestures, causing havoc in the theater.

This practice is becoming increasingly common, especially in the UK, and ranges from handing out bananas inside to tossing popcorn everywhere.

@carsonpaskill #Gentle Minions #riseofgru @Minions ♬ Rich Minion – Yate

Tik’s tock The video of Gentle Minions is getting a lot of likes.

But cinemas have now banned teenagers from wearing suits on the premises due to the fuss and growth of fashion. A sheet of paper announcing the ban is being posted in theaters. message status,

“Due to the commotion with the recent Gentle Minions trend, all guest groups in formal attire will be denied entry to Minions: Rise of Grew screening.”

@benedicthoward_ Most anticipated this year. #riseofgru #Minions #Gentle Minions ♬ el que usa el audios es gay. – Juani. Yelich

But despite these notices, teenagers still appear to be following this pattern. Now that formal attire is banned in theaters, teenagers are appearing in accessories and clothing similar to those worn by Minions in movies.

The rest of the crowd at the cinema is having a bad time with a huge group of boys attending the theater in suits and shouting in unison. Users claim that ticket sales for the movie have increased as a result of this trend as more and more teenagers are watching the movie to imitate.

@arimirabelle #sweat With @wixmovs people do so much crazy stuff in the name of social media. #Gentle Minions #Minions #groo #movie #minionsriseofgru ♬ Original sound – Ari🌸

Now Gen Zers are contributing to the success of “Minions” especially over the long weekend. The film has sold over $218 million in tickets worldwide since its July 1 release.

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